Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thank you for helping me apply my non conventional way of registering for my shower. After two kids I have a much better idea of the junk I don't need and the stuff I could actually put to use and things I want. If you purchase something from my "registry", please put a comment stating that it has been purchased (I promise I wont peek!) Your comment can be anonymous so the whole world doesn't know it's you.


Avent baby bottles- I will be breastfeeding the majority of the time (and we don't use pacifiers), but Jake will need bottles when I have doula or photography clients. One pack of four of the 4oz bottles should be sufficient. These are cheapest at Target.


I will love everyone and anyone who brings me diapers. I would like ONE large box of newborns, 4 large boxes of size ones and 4 large boxes of size twos (based on the size of my other children I'm guessing this one wont be in the newborns for more than one pack). I like Target brand diapers and they are half the cost as the name brands.

Diaper Wipes:
I will be using these suckers for the rest of my life, so I don't think anyone could bring too many ;) I prefer Huggies, any scent is fine.

The last thing is I no longer have my boppy. I would loooove to have another boppy for breastfeeding. It can be plain colored (I'll have boppy covers under "cute stuff" below :)

That's absolutely it for the practicalities. We co sleep and have necessary baby gear (so no need for crib sheets or any crib related stuffs).

So now cute stuff:

Baby burp cloths/wash cloths

Hair Bows

Hair Bow

Diaper Clutch

Boppy Cover
(I LOVE this)


Blanket (I like the one shown in the picture).


Crocheted Hat

Baby Swaddler

Baby is going to be born in winter, so we'll probably need a lot of baby socks/booties, blankets, and warm clothes in the small sizes (the two piece Carter's suits that come with pants and a hoodie in fleece are perfect. 0-3 and 3-6 would be best- our babies don't stay in "newborn" for more than a week). Anything purchased for 6-12 month sizes can be warmer weather stuff.

If you quilt or knit or crochet or anything else amazing, I would adore it if you wanted to make something. If you can make any of the things listed above, just mark them off, or if you make something separate that would be amazing as well :) You can get an idea of the styles we (we, which means me- pretty sure Jake doesn't care) like from the links above.

See you at the shower and thank you!

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